Sireah's Warcraft Erotic Story: The Tauren and the Rogue Part 1


The rogue sat down in the reasonably lit bar. Rubbing her hand down her back, she arched herself against the back of the wooden chair. Soft skin peeling away from the closely bound armour, as it breathed the dense air of the rogue order hall. The musings of her surrounding environment; the chatter, the cups being lifted, the melody of the songs, all seemed to ebb away into nothing.

Rubbing her temples, she began to feel the sense of movement within the room. The purpose of each change, the song and dance of human interaction.

Taking heed as to whom had noticed her and altered because of it. Considering her options in her head from what she remembered from her first glancing view of the room. Returning her hearing to the whistling of the song, humming her into a elusive rhythm.

Earring laden goblins in the corner, whom would be unlikely to tell her no. Multiple races of bartenders, who would likely be alone, and could be whistled to alluringly at the end of their shifts.

Closing her eyes; the right side of her body began to ache and she noted that repairing her armour was still on her mental check-list. Rips and tears in its fabric would need some quick fingers to knead it new.

The mental image of fast paced male fingers, thumping on something that belonged to her. Was enough to make her groan as her body started to pulse. The electricity-like static seeming to thrash through her body and into her external environment. Ripping through anyone it touched, as it did her.

“I shouldn’t let myself get like this,” the rogue mumbled to herself, a phrase that was as common to her as battle. Rubbing her temples as a calming mechanic. Moving her legs so they would be strong enough to walk, rather than just forcing her to remain till her static was juicily mitigated.

The dizzying feeling of the arousal ripping through her body slowly tamed itself. Lifting up her cup to swig the contents; she leaned her weight onto the table pre-emptively, just to check whether or not her legs would give away her weakness of the flesh.

Leaving a tip for the bartenders on the table crossed her mind. Though, it was the rogue order hall after all. It would be gone as soon as she turned her back. She smiled at the thought of nimble fingers taking something of worth again, as her body sought to drive her towards a knowing bed to push her supple body into. Somewhere she could release the deep stress of the day, cleanse herself, if you will.

Picking up her invisible backpack, she darted swiftly down the corridor to the exit of the hall. Sliding out into the store, her eyes burned lightly as she hit the sunlight. Darting back inside the store, she closed her eyes and heard the heavy door click shut into stealth.

She began rummaging in her bags, looking at her long list of random items. She commonly dabbled in a form of occult drug, which was known to make the world appear midnight dark for the holder. She swigged it and to her at that moment, Dalaran looked quite ominous and beautiful. Apologising to her eyes for letting her drug stupor wear off, she sprinted out onto the street, avoiding people as she sped around the corners.

Nearly at the Inn, she glanced to her side as she ran up the stairs and abruptly detoured herself. Her sight had reminded her, that the smiths could repair her armor. Darting past the Dwarf in the doorway, she greeted the vendor. Throwing her a few gold, before she more slowly walked outside. Her ability to run cooled down by the pounding in her pulsing thighs.

Jogging across to the Inn, she realised that Dalaran was quite full. People absent-mindedly standing in front of the bank, reading upon their mounts, and running to and fro. Casually she stopped briefly to take a picture of a brilliantly made masculine transmog, before slipping into the door of the Inn.

Speaking to the innkeeper, she acquired permission for a room upstairs as her eyes casually danced to the troll sitting alone at a table. Briefly considering asking to share the mountain of drinks before him, she smiled before running up the stairs.

Pouncing like a wolf into the blankets, she battled them until they cocooned around her. She smugly grinned like a little maggot beneath the sheets. Removing her armor whilst underneath the thick material, piece by piece. Slowly feeling her naked skin brush up against the smooth fabric. A moan escaping her lips as she removed her pants and her thighs met with the soft touch of the blanket.

Rubbing her legs up and down each other, the air turned warm and toasty under the blanket. She closed her eyes, as the day began to recount in her head. Slowly reaching up the part where she remembered the electricity at the bar; she heard a loud thump and swearing from the balcony of the Inn.

Her mind debated; the warmth of the blankets verses the allure of a struggling male voice. Like prey to a predator, she couldn’t stay where she was. Though, as a compromise, she brought every fucking blanket with her. Venturing outside to see where the gruff noises had originated from.

Peeking her head around the doorway onto the balcony, she was first immediately met with a gust of crisp night air. She squealed briefly and pulled herself back inside. Wrapping the blanket around her head and holding it closely in the middle near her breast. Gripping it, as if it vanished, she would have to go 1v1 with the determined cold.

Breathing heavily, making sure she had mastered the skill of blanket grip. She half stepped into the doorway of the balcony, holding onto the frame, so she could see more clearly.

A smirk spread on both her and the male’s face at what was happening.

Her cold-induced squeal had been enough to warn him that she was around, breaking her element of voyeurism. So he had greeted her with a blushed face, when the female blanket-clad rogue appeared from the direction of the noise.

The rogue considered herself to be a heavy mixture of confused and aroused. Chemicals splattered the balcony, with the rooftop’s traditional bucket of water noticeably broken and in pieces. The rogue very aware she had caught the male semi-indecent, sheepish and in a state of weakness. The wheels began to turn in her head as to whether to pounce on him when he had no defences or whether to ask whether he wanted help with ‘whatever was happening here’.

Still standing there, smiling up at him. Time eluded the question, as an Inn worker appeared beside the rogue.

“Here, sir,” a lady swooned sweetly, as a graceful hand offered a towel.

The rogue noted the wide-eyed human looking at the Tauren. He stood; half-naked, half covered in water, and regaining his composure.

“Thank you,” he nodded kindly, whilst throwing the towel on to his armourless shoulders.

Forgetting all else, the rogue watched the Tauren massage the towel onto his shoulders. Removing the water, but also appearing to cool the aches in his body.

Realising the lady was still standing beside her, a smirk spread across the rogue’s lips.

“Fuck off,” she said to the girl, whom glared in response, before disappearing back downstairs.

“I was doing alchemy… something exploded… I backed into the bucket,” the Tauren intermittently noted whilst rubbing the towel along his head, shoulders, torso and hair.

The rogue was still mindlessly trying to work out whether to just note to him to get his body into her bed where he belonged. Then, as if the noise returned to her ears, she realised there was people below still riding around as she had noticed before.

“Lose too much gold in your explosion?” the rogue mocked daringly, trying to remember to hold the blanket rather than relax her grip. Tipping slightly forward, eyeing the pavement below from where she was standing.

“Not too much, just a part of a quest,” he smiled back with classic Tauren sweetness. “Sorry for waking you…” his voice trailed off. Aware of what he was looking at before, but now suddenly realising how close he was to a semi-naked female.

The rogue grinned wickedly as the common male bants of, ‘trying not to fuck up their chances of getting laid’ persona , which appeared in the Tauren’s demeanour.

“Where were you heading tonight?” altering his voice to wrap around her like the blanket.

“Jealous, of the blanket?” she smirked at him, seeing how well he could play his own game.

His body hardened a little. Tensing. Realising both answers could be right or wrong.

“Maybe,” he replied thoughtfully, looking down at her forebodingly.

She slowly started to edge backwards a little, still half wrapped around the doorway. The archway of her own room starting to get slowly closer.

“Are you naked under that?” he suddenly said. Throwing her off guard as she had been focusing on stutter stepping.

“Yes,” she default responded with the truth thoughtlessly. Her wild eyes blazing.

He snorted dominantly as if his body was pushing with the need to release things. His brief pulse of air made the rogue move a little further back. The air seeming to pump around him, sending out heat towards her as he unconsciously took a few steps forward.

“Don’t forget your armour,” the rogue casually stated before disappearing into her room.

Standing just within her room. Listening to hear what he was going to do. Knowing her answer could be construed both as an invitation and as a refusal.

Without being able to see, she heard him pick up his armour and put it in his bags. His chemicals still strewn across the floor, and he considered whether any was salvageable.

Trying to think, whilst his head was swimming with whether he was permitted into the next room. Being told to go pick up his items either, so he wouldn’t forget them later or maybe because he would be needing them instead of being in her company. A rogue’s common poker face gave him no queues. Picking up just his armour; looking down and deciding that the alchemy parts could be repurchased cheaply, he stood in the doorway to the balcony.

Thinking for a second, pondering whether the risk of a bruised ego was worth the chance of possibly get laid.

Imagining the rogue standing on the balcony. In the Inn’s many blankets, rolled all around her. He had been watching the cool wind, move open and closed the blanket along her legs. Revealing her naked thigh and calves at random. Her tight grip stopping the upper half of her body from being shown… but, his body had hardened thinking about how far that naked skin went.

He breathed heavily, closing his eyes and walking through the archway into her room. Readying himself either for either being verbally abused, or giving some sweet sexual abuse.

The rogue, standing with her back to the wall just inside the room, waited patiently for him. She liked them to know they needed it.

Feeling the heat enter the dark room, she smirked to herself as the blankets wrapped around him as she pounced. Soft skin pushing up against his body as her legs wrapped around his torso and intuitively found his lips. Quivering slightly as she realised how big his tongue was.

Trying to make sure his back hit the safety of the bed, he started to walk backwards whilst wrapped in her blankets. Allowing himself to fall back as his heels hit the bed. Moaning slightly as she was thrust forward, her breasts pushed harshly into his chest as she had fallen on top of him. The blubber squishing into his chest like water against his skin.

Animalistic, he smiled as she ran her cheek against his. Feeling her skin nuzzle him, as he realised she was multi-tasking. His mind calmed by the nuzzle, as her hand casually ran down his chest, to make his mind pulse with a mixture of heat and calm.

His dick had already started getting hard on the balcony. The determined cold lick of air having granted him random bursts of semi-naked female, which had cooed him into his own semi.

Feeling her hand run down his stomach was enough to let the possible futuristic intentions start to harden him further.

Her hand reached his dick and instantly, she wrapped around it. Fingers kneading the skin. Applying enough pressure to move the skin slightly back and forth, warming the flesh.

He smiled as her fingers hit him, then after a few moments she stopped. Looking over to her, his eyes couldn’t hide his surprise as he saw her tongue rolling along her hand like a dog. A disgustingly long wet stroke, dousing her hand in saliva from top to bottom.

She leaned over and moaned into his twitching ear as she moved her hand back under his pants. Gripping his dick with the added slide she wanted. His skin moving freely along with her.

Her hand moving briefly around the circumference, then stopping to downwardly push roughly into the skin from the top to the base. Letting it feel itself. Stretching out, getting comfy. Before she dragged her hand back up to a slow rest, caressing the top. Her thumb moving around each groove lovingly.

Glad you came in now?” she leaned up to whisper into his ear. Generally accepting he would be frustrated by her stopping.

He replied with a warm moan, “… keep going”.

She smiled, gripping his dick as she had the blanket before.

Her hand, rolling her palm up and down the dick, tightening and loosening her fingers as she did. The force of her palm always creating friction on the skin, pressure always being there, but grip being removed. Like a rhythmic pressure, as if her hand was a heart beating on the dick.

“If you only want it, you wouldn’t have come in the room. If you need it, I’ll always be here,” she whispered to him, his eyes closing and trying to avoid thinking about anything whilst his dick was on a cloud.

“You would have thought about other things you equally wanted,” she continued briefly. Smiling, seeing his eyes closed, as her hands started to head up. The electricity moving through her body again. Her hands pulse moving the skin to the base of the head, then dragging it back down. Speeding up the movement as she spoke.

“If you needed the experience, it will override all wants,” she grinned, thinking of the Tauren being persuaded by his stomach.

He grunted at the pace slowly starting to place him a dick meditation, where he just wanted to let it go on forever. Feeling every inch of his excitement.

The rogue smirked to herself, finishing talking and removed her hand.

The dick meditation stupor quickly vanished, and he slightly moved to check where she was. As if his muscles twitched impulsively under the skin, pre-emptively seeking to protect his ecstasy stupor.

As if in sychronicity, she moved her legs over his torso, meeting his twitching body with hers. Her knee pushed onto his slightly moved hand, as if pinning him down.

She sat upright on his body, so he winked up at her. Coyly inciting that he needed her to continue. Lest he die of desire for it, trying not to let her know she had so much power to influence him.

She leaned down to rub her face against his again before casually leaning her body down into a laying position on top of him. Her breasts and necklace hitting his chest as she did. Cool, hard nipples touching against his breast before the buoyant water feeling pushed down onto his skin again. Though as if she was fluid movement, she calmly moved herself downward. Like clockwork, kissing his torso as she did. Mostly, dragging her tongue down his stomach, as if pre-emptively fucking with him before her tongue eventually reached his genitals.

The wetness on his torso, slightly chilled him before she totally stole the blanket and wrapped it around her head.

Shivering and holding down the blanket onto his stomach temporarily to balance herself. The blanket becoming her own personal mittens. Her breasts hitting her knees, as she smiled at keeping as much of her body under the blanket as she could. Cuddling in-between his legs, letting his lower body warm the air around her.

The rogue didn’t bother looking up as her body got warm.

Wrapping her dripping mouth around his glistening dick. Wet and waiting. His dick pushed up through her small mouth and down into her throat.

Unprepared, the instant deep-throat left his own throat speechless. Without any pressure, he felt his dick line the top of her mouth, past the ribbed roof, and punishingly pushed into the tight hole at the back. A few seconds of heaven, before she pealed her mouth off. Gasping momentarily, before going down again. Lost, he enjoyed every second of it.

Then. She hummed.

He almost blew his load. His eyes rolled back and he gasped a random phrase. The vibrations rippled up from inside her throat to the mouth. Moving the wall lining to grip and release his dick.

Like a wave current reoccurring over and over at high speed, hitting the dick. Vibrating the tongue underneath and forcing itself against his dick, and holding it possessively. The hum pushing the air current from the lungs outward, to cause suction to squeeze in the throat. The back of the throat, gripping the dick so tightly that it acted like it belonged perfectly at home there. About ten seconds of agonising intensity before she released him.

Drawing her lips from around his dick and slowly lifting her mouth upwards, taking long breaths to steady herself. Taking momentary breathers, she allowed her throat to tighten a few times more around the base of his dick. The tauren’s body starting to slightly push himself up further into her throat, sneakily testing to see if he could go any further. Realising she enjoyed this game, trying to edge himself and keep it going as long as he could.

He glanced down at her, a large mixture of complicated emotions in his eyes.

She smiled warmly and leaned her head on his thigh. Laying between and over his legs, with her breast pushed up against his skin. Dragging one hand from the bottom of his stomach down his thigh, letting her other hand patiently play with his erect dick. Licking her hand again absentmindedly for the play.

“Are you having fun?” she made random conversation, gaining her breathe. As if unable to comprehend words momentarily, his answer was delayed.

“Yes, can I have more?” he begged powerfully. Her moment of air break over.

She failed to respond. For a few seconds he wasn’t sure what she was doing. Before he felt his dick slide into the damp hallway that was her throat. He throbbed at the access.

Aware of the lack of deep throat, he noted her technique as she slide her mouth around his dick. Like starting some kind of medical procedure, with efficient tactic like something out of cock hero, rhythm divine…

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