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Privacy Policy and Support

Privacy Policy and Support

There are no cookie trackers on this website, as per CookieMetrix report.

On some pages you may find these cookies​

Google; gstatic.com *

May activate when you click on a video:

Xvideos Cookies; xvideos.com

xHamster Cookies; xhamster.com / static-cl.xhcdn.com / thumb-lvlt.xhcdn.com

Pornhub Cookies; pornhub.com / cdn1d-static-shared.phncdn.com

Ads; stats.g.doubleclick.net / media.trafficjunky.net


The Pornhub links are created through HubTraffic, therefore have tracking applied. Your click pays me like 0.0001c or something.

Pornhub, xHamster and Xvideos all use some kind of trackers when you click on the video to provide the video to you. These are required to watch the videos. I only seem to find some cookie blockers find the trackers at all, so they may not always be on. Turning on a cookie blocker like Privacy Badger or DuckDuckGo’s Essentials, is my recommendation for all websites you frequent. Also an Adblocker like Adblock Plus if you are frequenting content with a lot of annoying advertisements. Similar to my policy on pirating content in general, if you like a service or good, purchase it / support it. Though sometimes I feel websites over advertise and this is when something like Adblock is useful. You are a human first, consumer second, human decency is a useful tool for business.

* Google Fonts, and Gstatic are somewhat difficult to avoid placing on any website. As you need to use fonts and you don’t place it manually. Gstatic is done by default by google and is all over the internet.

I do not use Adsense or any kind of datamining, Analytics is used when you click on my website through a search engine. That is the only tracking I use. I do not use Jetpack or any internal tracking.

I do not store any data myself and only can see on google’s backend what search term you used to find my website before clicking on it. It shows me; search term, page clicked on, country of origin, device used, and dates. I cannot see any user information other than that. I use this to keep track of my rankings for terms. I also use similarweb.com, which operates independantly of me. I use it to see how my website is doing globally and any information google cannot see (such as referrals from tubesites which bypass the need for a google search). As an example, Google may say 300 people clicked on the website, but Similarweb will show that number is only 20% of overall traffic, the rest originating from referrals from tubesites.

The ads are linked to the porn videos. I do not place ads on this website as of right now. If I do in the future they will be small and out of the way.