Why are you giving up Pornhub Exclusive and diversifying to other networks?​​

Why are you giving up Pornhub Exclusive and diversifying to other networks?


After my first year of Pornhub I debated what “Exclusive” meant. Let me show you…

So. This is a box you can “opt” to tick in. Alongside this…

Be aware these are not all Pornhub’s network. As it’s not Pornhub itself. And my issue with the above feature, is that it does not share “all” your content. It is restricted to only content with only 10k+ views. Not staggered content, just “over a threshold” videos. So, say if I make $10 on pornhub, i will only get 0.50c from the other networks because only 1 out of 20 videos are shared. If that makes sense? You are limited in your ability to actually “get out” your content to these networks whilst this option is on.

This is a big deal because every platform is different. People generally have favoured platforms, such as youporn is popular amongst women (one example, I’ve read the statement in other surveys before also). I may post something on pornhub that is overlooked, but the market who prefers youporn / redporn / tube8 will have a different userbase and may want to see my work. If its not all just shared faithfully, I feel disingenuous.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MindGeek#Global_Alexa_ranks This is MindGeek’s network currently. Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube and Tube8 are likely just its default network which can be housed together. Ie, I was told by Redtube today that it’s support is all just Pornhub support. I doubt they even have any staff at redtube locally. It’s just a fake domain now. An arguable mirror website to pornhub. Half the stuff on there is just shared over from Pornhub content creators… unfortunately. They were different independent companies bought by MindGeek.

Anyway. https://www.similarweb.com/top-websites/category/adult that wikipedia listing was also taken before pornhublive (streamate.com) became a connection also. Similar to xhamster / xhamsterlive / stripchat, except at least xhamsterlive is also an independant thing. You can sign up for either/or or both, and you will get streamed to the same infrastructure. Ie, if i cam on Stripchat you can see it on xHamsterlive, and vice versa. Whereas for Pornhub’s connection with Streamate, you have literally no connection with Pornhub. It just datamines your information from Streamate and puts it on their site. Which is fucking awful, because Streamate’s support is atrocious. Like… you have to skype individual employees to get answers kind of awful. Wecamgirls (forum for verified camgirls to review things and such, great website) is filled with people talking about it. Myself included have had this problem where I have contact support and never received an answer. Twice… I waited four months O.O, still no response either time. Anyway… lol. And pornhub promotes the website like it’s their own on the website, without offering any kind of true connection. It’s rediculous.

So. After about five months of uploads to Pornhub, I got paid for the first time. 50% of that is ad revenue, 50% fan club memberships and sold videos. So I started to look into where my revenue was coming from, what I thought about being on the website and whether it was worth it to be exclusive.

Upon reading the above screenshots, you may have noticed there is two rewards “5% ad bonus” and “public DMCA protection”. The latter, is not in argument here. It is nice, but if you are diversifying to other networks, obviously you don’t want Pornhub taking down your content so :P. The former is what I am going to discuss here. Whether the 5% ad bonus is worth remaining exclusive for. There can be arguments made at people clicking on “exclusive” on Pornhub more. But I wouldn’t say that’s worth 5%. https://www.pornhub.com/blog/8541 shows that Exclusive is top, but possibly one of the reason they don’t show those stats every month is because it isn’t always. It is Amateurs who are constantly at the top, yes. But Exclusive vs Verified, probably changes monthly. 2, 3, and 4 are all still categories I am in from the second table in the link. Pornhub of course desiring you be exclusive to their network to bring customer loyalty.

So I self queried. Was it worth it. The big money to be made on Porn platforms, depends on the platform itself in terms of what you are making. Similar to Webcam sites.

Deep down. A part of me knew this is just something I wanted to do. But this is much more risky, to have your content spread out more. And it takes obviously more time to upload something 10 times rather than once.

A little personal: Attached to my real name, this is going to be much harder to “expunge” should I get cold feet one day. Whilst Pornhub will take down all content, and so will the other websites. It’s about how many eyes are on you in terms of how many copies of your work are made and then use your name. But It’s a risk I knew from the beginning and felt I could “ride” should it get to that level. Being someone very open, and being in a very liberal sexual country, I felt this was actually something I could do safely.

I hope bringing my content to more platforms makes you all more comfortable watching my content wherever you most enjoy doing so :).

I will slowly diversify to even more platforms, but for now the new roster is xHamster, MyDirtyHobby, and Xvideos alongside Pornhub to begin with.

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